Toyota Quantum VX Premium: Now in business class

We all remember school sport trips, right? Those ones to the middle of nowheresville, out to even the odds against bitter rivals. Times like these made friends for life, stories that grow larger over the ages and opportunities to go down as a school legend. The one thing they weren’t was comfortable. Inevitably you’d find yourself bouncing around a Toyota van equipped with the equivalent of a church pew covered in the hardest wearing material known to man, often then wrapped again in industrial plastic. Forget finding a comfortable position to sit in, your back was at the mercy of the road undulations and best you get used to not feeling your legs for the duration of the journey as you’re unlikely to get any blood circulation after you’ve crammed them in.

Fast forward to today and you’ve got yourself through the early rigours of life, maybe got yourself a house, a spouse and potentially even a whole gaggle of miniature versions of yourself to add that extra flavour to life. So these days your reaction to the likes of a Toyota Quantum will be one of rage on your daily commute as it cuts you off in traffic.

So now let’s talk 2020 Toyota Quantum. Underneath the formula has changed somewhat to the latest and greatest Toyota has to offer. So you’ll find the 2.8 turbo diesel out of the Hilux and many other things like drive train, gearbox and so on – the same things that have given all Toyota such legendary reliability. And on the inside of the VX premium is business class levels of luxury. In fact the driver’s seat is probably the last place you want to be, such is the passenger experience.

That’s something we don’t really focus on much, the passenger experience. Firstly, no heavy lifting for you, we’re talking automatic doors and electrically adjustable seats thank you very much. Climate control specifically aimed at passengers and seat heaters will make sure you’re never too hot or cold and the ability to slide all the seats will mean everyone has ample leg room. The seats themselves are soft, but supportive, designed by someone who understands just how nice it would be to fall asleep in Jo’burg and wake up in Durban, refreshed and without bones aching in places you never thought possible. It’s really quite incredible and something I never expected to experience in a vehicle like this.

Driving it isn’t half bad either. The bad old days also saw the driver cramped up and desperate to be anywhere else. Now you’ve got cruise control and a full touch control media centre at your finger tips. Easy to operate, comfortable to sit in, the new Toyota Quantum surprised me at every turn.

Bear in mind that this is still a vehicle for carrying people and things though. As such you’re likely to experience 12 litres per 100 kilometres in fuel consumption and it quite literally is a bus so fitting into a standard supermarket parking space is never going to be a pleasant experience. Despite its size though the Quantum is easy to manoeuvre, having an excellent turning circle, great wing mirrors and a good reverse camera with park distance control.

Unlikely to win any beauty contests, the Toyota Quantum is absolutely about functionality over form, but this is a good thing and now that functionality has had an emphasis of comfort placed on it, the vehicle really presents the large family with an amazing way to go on holiday. It pulls a trailer with absolute ease, eats up the miles and leaves everyone inside with a massive smile on their face. What more could you really want in a vehicle of this nature?

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