Moneybetter’s investment secrets for FFM – and why Naspers is a “banker”

Discover the secrets of successful investing in this captivating interview with, one of the major sponsors of the Fantasy Fund Manager game. Chris Clarke and Charlotte van Tiddens reveal the game’s educational benefits and Moneybetter’s mission to revolutionise savings in South Africa. They uncover the factors behind discounts on investment holding companies like Naspers, and provide valuable insights into their top stock picks for the game. Dive into finance as they discuss long-term investing, healthy cash flow, and the urgent need to promote a stronger savings culture in South Africa.

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In this interview, BizNews’s Alec Hogg interviews Chris Clarke and Charlotte van Tiddens from Moneybetter, platinum sponsors of the Fantasy Fund Manager game. They discuss the appeal of being a sponsor and the game’s educational value.

Clarke and van Tiddens explain that Moneybetter is focused on transforming savings in South Africa by providing access to various markets, offering a marketplace for investors and product providers, and emphasising financial risk reports for better decision-making.

The duo also share insights into discounts on investment holding companies, with van Tiddens, a CFA and the quant analyst for Moneybetter, explaining why large discounts exist – and have widened due to factors such as unrealised capital gains tax, head office costs, and complex holding structures.

She explains why Naspers is her favorite stock in the game, especially now with the discount at an appealing 48% to its underlying assets. Other bullet points are the stock’s optionality on unlisted assets, its aggressive share buyback programme, and its status as a rand hedge.

Clarke’s favourite stock is FirstRand due to good valuations, a high dividend yield, and healthy cash flow.

The interview also touches on the savings culture in South Africa, with Clarke expressing the need for institutions to collectively do better in promoting savings.

The interview highlights the educational and entertainment value of the Fantasy Fund Manager game, as well as Moneybetter’s efforts to improve the savings landscape in South Africa. It discusses factors contributing to the discounts on investment holding companies and provides insights into Naspers as a top pick. The conversation sheds light on the importance of long-term investing and the need to foster a stronger savings culture in the country.