Nations square off at International whaling conference

The stage was set Monday for heated debate over Japan’s plans to relaunch a controversial Antarctic whale hunt, as nations gathered for an international whaling conference in Slovenia. The issue tops a list of contentious agenda items for the four-day meeting of the International Whaling Commission (IWC), where representatives of 88 member states will seek … Read more

Bitcoin meltdown

Bitcoin: when will bubble burst? Finance expert answers bitcoin questions

Some people imagine bitcoin will become a widely accepted currency, while others fear it is little more than a scheme that will collapse. People have already lost money wheeling-and-dealing in bitcoins. Remember Mt Gox? The digital exchange filed for bankruptcy protection earlier this year in Japan. However, there are signs that the virtual currency is increasingly being embraced by … Read more

South African game breeders rake in big bucks

by Stephanie FINDLAY When South Africa’s deputy president bid on a two million dollar buffalo in 2012, he was criticised for being extravagant in a country suffering from widespread poverty. Two years later, Cyril Ramaphosa is more active than ever in the game breeding industry, raking in over $2.6 million dollars for three of his … Read more