Breeding breakthrough

TBA’s chief Callaghan says thoroughbred export breakthrough just months away   Markus Jooste of Steinhoff is one of the smartest guys I’ve met. Ditto Investec co-founder Bernard Kantor. Both are self-made billionaires who know about buying at the bottom. Both are also huge investors in SA’s thoroughbred breeding sector. A fresh arrival in my inbox … Read more

Alan Knott Craig Jnr

AKC’s career lessons

Seven career lessons former MXiT leader Alan Knott-Craig says he’s learnt already I consider both Alan Knott-Craigs to be friends. Senior, the country’s cell visionary and founding CEO of Vodacom. A man who returned after a heart-attack instilled sabattical and is now running Cell-C (and soon, if sense prevails, Telkom). We’ve shared some deep moments. I … Read more

So you want to be an entrepreneur?

I attended the HP FY13 channel strategy event on Wednesday where you gave a talk on the economy and the happenings in and around South Africa. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you, sadly I missed you in the crowd at the event but I really enjoyed your talk and … Read more


The rise and fall of Sacoil

May 28, 2011 This article uncovers the way in which a predator feasted on over-optimistic small investors led by a hero to the punting class, Greg Blank. In the share market, fact is sometimes stranger than fiction. Take the case of the JSE-listed oil exploration company SacOil Holdings, which in the past year rocketed from … Read more

Lessons in using PAIA to get information from the state

So, this morning Dr Mafu Rakometsi, the CEO of the Umalusi Council, stood up at a press conference in Pretoria to reveal some answers to some pressing questions about the 2010 matric results and how the results in various subjects were changed. For myself and team mates in the Media24 Investigations team and colleagues at … Read more

How Michael Jackson helped us cross the dance floor divide

By ANDREW TRENCH Every generation needs an icon and Michael Jackson was ours, this generation of late 30-somethings caught between the sunset of rock ‘n roll and the dawn of a genre-ridden pop culture now almost impossible to follow. Jackson loomed large over us all, even here in South Africa where, as teens, we lived closeted … Read more

Five things you need to know about SA on 7/4/2009

1. Packing for Perth or just another day in South Africa? Today it’s all about analysing the NPA’s decision to drop the charges against ANC president Jacob Zuma. One of the best comes Tim Cohen who wrote in the Daily Dispatch that the NPA decision shows us that the dream of South Africa having a … Read more