Off the racing line – the 60/40 bias

The recent Canadian Grand Prix was a spectacle for all racing enthusiasts - all until Sebastian Vettel lost control and his entry back onto the circuit was questioned.

15th June 2019

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Fixing corruption from head to toe – Solly Moeng

Employees in an organisation, or citizens in a country, cannot reasonably be expected to be honest ambassadors of their brand if their leaders do not demonstrate ethical leadership from the front.

12th June 2019

Why invest in Structured Notes in South Africa?

Carrick Wealth, structured notesTimes are tough, with global and domestic markets responding nervously to various factors. Paul de Waal explains what structured notes are and why they are a good investment.

6th June 2019

A chance to supercharge your investment

Chris Eddy, 10X Head of Investments.The offer of paying no fees until January 2020 applies to anyone investing in a new 10X retirement product in June, whether they are transferring an existing fund to 10X or starting a new one.

3rd June 2019

Naspers sets date for Euronext listing

NaspersThe Amsterdam-listed company will have a free float of up to 27%, which Naspers believes will attract more investors to its global internet assets.

29th May 2019

SLR Diary: Noxious wines uncorked

Busisiwe Mkhwebane, Public ProtectorSimon Lincoln Reader has a great nose for prominent and influential characters whose qualities infuse our society with a mysterious but undeniably unpleasant odour.

13th June 2019

Viva, working from home – lose the stigma

The author of this fascinating piece takes a look at the stigma and prejudices prevailing around working from home and takes up the cudgels for better pay.

11th June 2019