Cool heads please as SA contemplates a discovery equal to 310 years of oil consumption

Fracking, like gold, could be a major “game changer” for South Africa. Exploiting shale gas reserves beneath the Karoo Basin could easily create 850 000 jobs and play a significant role in boosting the country’s economic growth. And that is just for starters. The expected gains from hydraulic fracturing are so “mindboggling” that we misjudge … Read more

Why African Entrepreneurs Outperform Their Peers When the Playing Field Is Leveled

One of the common laments you hear about the economies of Africa is that they are insufficiently entrepreneurial. Although the streets of any given African capital are usually abuzz with hawkers,the overall impression we have of the continent is that it is an entrepreneurial vacuum. Some lay the blame at the feet of African nations’ governments, … Read more


My Business Day column about OpenView vs Multichoice that stirred elephantine emotions

My UNDICTATED column in Business Day this week stirred some very powerful pots. And reminded me that everyone is entitled to change their mind. Especially elephants. And especially about stuff said in, erm, convivial surroundings. Richemont chairman Johann Rupert says my take on his relationship with Naspers’s Koos Bekker is “devoid of any truth”. Bekker … Read more