Modi reforms coal mining to end India’s power mess

This is an interesting “Modi’s operandi” for the troubled coal mining industry in India. India could allow commercial coal mining by foreign companies if they set up units in the country.

Must read: Solidarity’s Gideon du Plessis on the games unions play

The most apt description for Gideon du Plessis’ excellent piece is, ‘must read’. The quagmire of variables that dictate South Africa’s unionised labour force is complex. It is the very reality of competing forces, with hidden agendas and politicised motives that has created a dangerous environment where unions have ended up holding the South African economy … Read more

Farewell Benjamin Mophatlane, BCX chief’s legacy runs deep

By Alec Hogg Benjamin Mophatlane, who celebrated his 41st birthday exactly a month ago, has passed away. He suffered a heart attack. Our heartfelt condolences go to his wife Abbie, twin brother Isaac and the rest of the Mophatlane family. Ben was one of the good guys. The really good guys. He was a deep … Read more

Buy Imperial Holdings shares today at 41% discount – provided you’re Black

By Alec Hogg In 1998, when the late Imperial Holdings CEO Bill Lynch used R15m of the group’s money to establish the Ukhamba Trust, he was probably following his own credo of “Just do it.” Fifteen years on, the magic has happened. By any measure, Ukhamba is one of the most successful Black Economic Empowerment schemes. … Read more

Bursting AST’s Bubble

In most walks of life, optimism is good. Not so in business, where “good news” filters can be terminal. Those at the top need factual information, warts and all. Without it, executives put themselves at risk every time they open their mouths in public.