All hail to Lucy Kellaway – and other journos who keep a distance

By Alec Hogg Enjoyed a productive half hour yesterday with an MBA student researching the relationship between financial journalists and business leaders. Her probe asked whether closer relationships would improve the flow of information; whether friendships enhance or detract from the service both provide their constituencies. The best answer was in yesterday’s contribution to Biznews … Read more

A staff member of on-line retailer Jumia, pushes a cart past shelves at the company's warehouse in Lagos

Africa e-commerce firm expands to new markets

By Emma Thomasson BERLIN (Reuters) – Online retailer Jumia, a would-be African Amazon set up by German venture capital firm Rocket Internet, is expanding into three new markets – Uganda, Ghana and Cameroon, the company said on Monday. Jumia, which launched in 2012, already operates in Nigeria, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Kenya, offering up … Read more

Mexican manufacturing surge hides low-wage drag on economy

By Christine Murray MEXICO CITY, June 2 (Reuters) – Abundant cheap labor has helped Mexico lure billions of dollars in foreign investment in recent years and spur a manufacturing sector so dynamic it has been likened to China. But the same low wages that help make manufacturers competitive are a long-term drag on the economy. Millions of people working … Read more


Ethiopia pushes retail door ajar To Foreigners

By Richard Lough ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopia has pushed the door ajar for foreign retailers keen to enter the fast-growing market of 90 million people, welcoming them as managers but keeping the state in control. It is a tantalising, if limited, offer for firms such as Walmart of the United States and Kenya’s Nakumatt … Read more

Africa’s building boom: Chinese firms losing advantage – Group Five

From REUTERS JOHANNESBURG  – Construction companies in sub-Saharan Africa are moving beyond mainstay mining work as rising wealth and urbanisation spark demand for shopping centres and better roads, the chief executive of South African builder Group Five said. Mike Upton also told Reuters in an interview that some sub-Saharan governments were increasingly wary of previously favoured Chinese contractors, … Read more

Missing jet highlights ageing radar crisis

KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 (Reuters) – The ease with which a big jetliner melted into the ether after vanishing from Malaysian radar illustrates an uncomfortable paradox about modern aviation: state-of-the-art airplanes rely on ageing ground infrastructure to tell them where to go. While satellites shape almost every aspect of modern life, the use of radar … Read more