Zimbabwe’s only reserves: a pile of gold coins

From Reuters HARARE (Reuters) – Zimbabwe is holding gold coins valued at $501,390 as its only reserves, enough to buy only 1,400 tonnes of maize, the finance minister said on Wednesday, highlighting the parlous state of the country’s finances. The economy of the southern African country, which has slowed to 4-6 percent growth after four years of … Read more

Bitcoins: Virtual money of the future or just an amazing scam?

Bitcoins, a virtual currency, are developing a momentum of their own. The Chinese government has banned financial institutions from trading in them; the UK government is thinking about taxing them. Some people are making big money buying and selling them. Should you have some Bitcoins? Popular blogger Chris Brewer sizes up the phenomenal growth of Bitcoins, … Read more

Zim Ambassador defects, seeks asylum

From SA Press Association: Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Australia is seeking political asylum after denouncing President Robert Mugabe’s government as “illegitimate.” Jacqueline Zwambila said Saturday she feared for her safety if she returned after Mugabe’s Zanu-PF Party won the July parliamentary elections. Zwambila, who has served in Canberra since 2009, said she had not been offered … Read more

12 000 shares on Facebook but few of the claims are true

[box]An excellent example that we all need to take memes and rants doing the rounds on social networks and email with a pinch of salt, this very interesting piece was published first on Africa Check, a fact-checking website supported by Wits University and the AFP Foundation. The pictures were kindly supplied by AFP. To follow … Read more