Alec Hogg

Turning AECI’s Modderfontein into Manhattan? Joburg’s Chinese Emerald City is more pie than sky

South Africa seems to be going through the kind of carpet-bagging phase the Southern States of the US experienced after the American Civil War. Any number of snake oil salesmen have been breezing through with wild promises sucked up by gullible locals. Latest in this vein, perhaps, is the astonishing claims surrounding JSE-listed AECI’s apparent … Read more

Barry Irwin

Irwin cuts and runs

Divesting racing king Barry Irwin says “power freaks” causing his SA exit  For most South Africans, horseracing is very much on the fringe. In its rare appearances on the public agenda, the sport is dismissed as a harmless distraction for inveterates.


Breeding breakthrough

TBA’s chief Callaghan says thoroughbred export breakthrough just months away   Markus Jooste of Steinhoff is one of the smartest guys I’ve met. Ditto Investec co-founder Bernard Kantor. Both are self-made billionaires who know about buying at the bottom. Both are also huge investors in SA’s thoroughbred breeding sector. A fresh arrival in my inbox … Read more