Mauldin, Andrews: SA’s scale ladders everywhere else, why not at home?

Sometimes things just work out. Often when it isn’t planned that way. That happened here when one guest arrived really early; just as I was about to start talking to another one. The overly-prompt interviewee was John Mauldin, Texas-based investment guru, a superstar of the new media age. His influential emailed weekly newsletter has almost … Read more

Gijima, DiData, and the strange SA tech sector

  The technology sector in South Africa is a funny bird. In the US, there are a lot of software developers, social media companies, innovative manufacturers and such like, but in South Africa, the majority of companies listed on the JSE tech board are, essentially, resellers – companies that take existing items like servers, PCs, … Read more

WhatsApp to offer free voice calls – how will that affect MTN, Vodacom?

Facebook’s decision to purchase text messaging service WhatsApp for $19bn has attracted a great deal of attention. While some have hailed it as a masterstroke, many are asking themselves what makes WhatsApp so valuable. As First Avenue’s Nadim Mohamed points out, the price of the deal puts the value of each WhatsApp user at $42, … Read more

SA film-maker Anant Singh’s triumph continues – local financial backers set to reap handsome rewards

A hangover from the history of isolation has left South Africans with an unfortunate habit of not paying enough attention to those who make it in the far more competitive international arena. Pretoria Boys High matriculant Elon Musk, rated by many as one of America’s top living entrepreneurs, is an obvious example. Durban-based film-maker Anant … Read more