WORLDVIEW: Rational view of SA’s today and tomorrow from a very rational man.

Here in London all the talk surrounds Theresa May’s surprise calling of a general election on June 8. She explains that it is critical to close the gap between the way her country now thinks and what she sees as the obstructive views of MPs the nation elected two years ago.

Snap elections are always a gamble, but all the research shows Brexit has been good for Mrs May’s Conservative Party. It is 21% ahead in the polls, up to 44% from 2015’s 37%. If that holds for six weeks it will translate into lots more Conservatives elected to Westminster – adding significantly to the majority, providing firepower for driving Theresa’s intentions.

The contrast with contemporary South Africa is stark. In this country, the leader of the ruling party has been using every tool within grasp to tighten his grip on power, steadfastly ignoring a similar sea change in the national mood. Jacob Zuma now presides over a country where only 15% of the citizens believe his administration can be trusted.


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