WORLDVIEW: The $1000 iPhone 8: Are we really going to buy it?

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t much like to be parted from my money. Sadly, after three and a half years of loyal service, my ancient iPhone 5s is slowly dying and I have to bite the bullet and get a new phone. So the question is, what to get?

My need for a new phone happily coincides with tomorrow’s new iPhone launch, widely seen as critical to Apple’s future. I haven’t been in the market for a phone since 2014, so exploring my options has been an eye-opener.

The biggest surprise was the advent of the $1000 phone. If I was in the mood to switch brands, the new Samsung Note 8 would run me over $1000 after taxes. And it’s rumoured that the soon-to-be released premium iPhone 8 (or possibly iPhone X), due to be launched at tomorrow’s event, is going to start at over $1000 before taxes.

If I baulk at the $1000 price tag, of course, I could choose a more affordable option like the Samsung S8, the LG G6, or one of the upgraded iPhone 7 options that will also likely be announ...

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