Covid-19 vaccine efficacy further challenged by emergence of ‘buried’ vaccine hospitalisation statistics

While it is safe to assume that most people are sick and tired of hearing about Covid-19 and anything related to it, the topic is unlikely to fade into the past anytime soon. As data emerges, increasingly piercing the seemingly indomitable level of censorship that reigned at the height of the pandemic, the implications of mass Covid-19 vaccination are becoming a serious cause for concern. In this media release by non-profit organisation, Free the Children – Save the Nation, the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccines, which the South African government has incessantly promoted as completely safe and effective, is challenged by statistical data. – Nadya Swart


There seems to be no limit to the depths to which the Minister of Health, the Department of Health (DoH) and South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) will sink in order to hide the truth of Covid-19 vaccine failure. As a consequence, the public are kept ignorant of the dangers and high numbers of Covid-19 vaccine adverse events.

When the Latest Vaccine Statistics were initially added to the Vaccine Updates webpages there was a page 16 which had some detail reflecting the statistics detailing admissions by three primary categories i.e. vax status and age, vax status and care unit, vax status and sex. 

Here are the graphs for 2022 04 25: 

Covid-19 vaccine

There are approximately 60,6 million people in South Africa with some 46.7 million being eligible for vaccination. The percentage of vaccinated in the total population as at 2022 04 25 19.6/60.6 = 32.4% 

These graphs compare the number of vaccinated by vax status as at 2022 04 25 and align with the approximately 1/3 ratio:

Covid-19 vaccine

For the assertion that vaccination prevents, or at least minimises, serious illness and death,  one would expect less than approximately 1/3 of intensive care patients to be vaccinated and more than 2/3 of intensive care patients to be unvaccinated. Indeed if, as the manufacturers and those promoting the vaccine agenda repeatedly tell us, it really offers very good protection then one would expect far fewer than 1/3 of the vaccinated to be in intensive care and many more than 2/3 of the unvaccinated to be in intensive care. 

Yet that is not the case at all.

Here is the graph as at as at 2022 04 25, showing that the ratio of vaccinated compared to unvaccinated in the intensive care unit is close to 50/50, clearly showing that vaccination does not prevent, nor minimise serious illness nor, quite likely, death.

Covid-19 vaccine

So why have these statistics i.e. page 16, been missing from the website since at least 29 June?

What does the Minister of Health and the Department have to hide, except the facts?

Why does the Minister of Health and the department refuse to engage in open debate around the issue of vaccine safety and efficacy?

We all have a duty to ask: “When will the Minister and the department allow these statistics to be reinstated for the public record and debate?”

Better still: “When will the Minister enter into any open public debate on any topic about covid-19?” 

Free the children – Save the Nation

John Taylor

Free the Children – Save the Nation NPC (“Free the Children”) is a non-profit company acting in the public interest, focused, in this instance, on protecting the medical and constitutional rights of children.

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