Tim Noakes on COVID vaccine harms, sudden deaths amongst athletes, and other mainstream cover-ups

During Professor Tim Noakes’ presentation at the BizNews Conference in March, he shrewdly explained how the global COVID response stood out as the worst documented public health failure. For context, Noakes drew parallels between the false COVID narrative and mainstream media’s rejection and suppression of evidence refuting previously untouchable dictums. Noakes skillfully drove his point home with an analogy between the fraudulent advocacy of the COVID vaccine and Big Pharma’s propagation of statins – one of mainstream media’s most successful public health misinformation campaigns as evidenced by the widespread misconception of cholesterol that stands to this day. – Nadya Swart

See timestamped topics below:

  • 00:00 Tim Noakes on purported incidences of people dying after cutting out carbohydrates and how he deals with this kind of criticism
  • 01:48 On the number of books he reads and owns
  • 02:09 On realising that COVID was a scam and being excommunicated for challenging the false COVID narrative
  • 02:56 On mainstream media’s control over the COVID narrative
  • 03:34 On human beings having evolved to eat fat and protein
  • 06:02 On the reason the low-carb diet took off the way it has
  • 06:28 The history behind the term ‘banting.’
  • 09:56 On the parallels between the COVID vaccine and statins
  • 12:17 On Pfizer’s false and fraudulent claims regarding the COVID vaccines and the evidence refuting these claims
  • 14:00 On mRNA protocol, spike protein and the anomalous rise in sudden deaths among athletes
  • 15:13 On sudden death of unknown cause having become the most common cause of death in places like Canada
  • 16:12 On abandoning well-established pandemic protocol in favour of illogical COVID regulations and restrictions
  • 18:53 On academic funding switching from government to industry in the 1980s and how this has compromised scientific integrity
  • 21:27 On doctors being misinformed about the dangers of the COVID vaccine resulting in their ill-advised advocacy of vaccination
  • 23:43 On the link between insulin resistance and mental disorders
  • 25:54 On methods to alleviate potential vaccine harms and accessing accurate medical information to enable better decisions in the future
  • 29:23 On the misconceptions around and demonisation of cholesterol
  • 31:36 On food addiction and its role as a primary obstacle to the prevention of diabetes reversal
  • 33:23 The backstory behind insulin injections being used to treat diabetes
  • 35:38 On the significance of the microbiome and gut bacteria, particularly regarding their effect on overall health, being overlooked 

Excerpts from Alec Hogg and BNC#5 delegates’ Q&A with Professor Tim Noakes

Tim Noakes on his realisation that COVID was a scam and being excommunicated for challenging the false COVID narrative

When COVID came along, I’d read about 20 books on COVID, but by the people who sit on the other side. And it became very clear to me that this is a scam. So I never took the vaccine because I knew the thing is dangerous. They never proved it wasn’t dangerous. And that’s my personality; I can’t just sit there and be told what I have to think. I go and find it out. 

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And I worked out very, very quickly – in fact, as I said, I was on the radio in April 2020, so it was just at the start – and I said stuff that they didn’t want to hear. And so I was excommunicated again there because I had read what was happening, and I saw that you guys were getting it all wrong. The mainstream media was giving us a false narrative. 

On mainstream media’s control of the COVID narrative and information released to the public

That goes to the heart of what’s wrong with medicine at the moment. And the problem is that it’s controlled. The information that is being released to you is controlled by the mainstream media. And the goal of that information is to sell products, not to make you healthy. So you have to begin with that premise that the information you’re getting isn’t really going to help your health. You’ve got to go and find it elsewhere. 

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And I think you have to go to social media and find people to follow, like Dr Aseem Malhotra, and he will lead you to all sorts of other people who are like-minded and to believe, as he does and as I do, that you’re getting the wrong information. You know, Twitter has been the most amazing thing for me because that’s where I learned all of this stuff because I’m not going to get it anywhere. 

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