Adv Erin Richards vs Pfizer: Growing support from professional heavyweights and solid evidence fortify upcoming FASA Court case

In October, Advocate Erin Richards revealed to BizNews founder Alec Hogg that the Freedom Alliance of South Africa (FASA) was taking on the South African government and the South African Health Products Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) over the increasingly perturbing body of data indicating an unquestionable link between the Pfizer mRNA COVID-19 vaccines and the unprecedented rise in serious adverse events suffered by individuals after their Pfizer vaccinations. The activist lawyer spent weeks researching the available documentation before agreeing to spearhead a Pretoria High Court case instituted by FASA demanding that the court review and set aside the authorisation of Pfizer’s vaccine products on the basis that the authorisation was “unlawful”. In the space of only a few months, FASA’s case – the first of its kind which, if successful, would have far-reaching global implications – has gained significant momentum, with world-renowned medical professionals throwing their weight behind it. One of these professional heavyweights is Professor Tim Noakes, who tweeted the statement below this week. To hear Noakes’ shrewd assessment of the COVID-19 pandemic, watch the recording of his recent presentation at the fifth BizNews Conference (video embedded below). – Nadya Swart



Leading medical professionals in South Africa demand urgent cessation and judicial review of Pfizer’s vaccine products.

Global data is showing alarming signals and correlations between the administration of Pfizer’s Covid-19 mRNA vaccine products and an unprecedented rise in serious adverse reactions in patients, including disability, foetal abnormalities, aggressive cancers and death. As the global medical community increasingly becomes aware of the problem, the Freedom Alliance of South Africa (FASA) has taken on the government and the medicines regulator, SAHPRA, to safeguard public health.

FASA has approached the High Court in Pretoria, South Africa, to review and set aside the authorisation of Pfizer’s vaccine products on the basis that the authorisation was irrational and unlawful. If successful, this will result in the removal of Pfizer’s mRNA vaccines from the domestic market. 

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The case is under the custodianship of Advocate Erin-Dianne Richards, briefed by Daniel Eloff of Hurter Spies. The lawyers explain the significance of the case: “FASA’s aim is to subject the South African regulator’s decision to authorise the Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 vaccines to judicial scrutiny. They argue that the regulator’s decision was based on flawed and inaccurate trial data analysis presented by a heavily conflicted Pfizer and, therefore, legally invalid. Their aim is not only to ensure legal compliance – but to set a precedent requiring a higher level of statutory scrutiny in the case of future vaccine authorisations in the interests of public health. Whatever the decision of the Court, this case is important. 

While it has arguably been possible to suppress and distort facts in the public narrative, either for or against the vaccines, that will not be possible before our Courts. This case will see a full ventilation of all relevant facts pertaining to South Africa’s authorisation of the Pfizer vaccines.”

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The Court papers explain that Pfizer was the entity responsible for the commercialisation of their vaccine products, and yet SAHPRA relied solely on Pfizer’s data, and interpretation thereof, to authorise the vaccines without having subjected that data to any independent checks and balances.

The inherent conflict of interest is startling and, as FASA argues, renders the registration of the Pfizer vaccine products vulnerable to judicial attack on the basis of irrationality. As far as FASA is aware, this is the first, or one of the first, judicial reviews of the authorisation of Prizer’s Covid-19 mRNA vaccine products in the world.

The application is supported by eminent medical and scientific professionals and academics from South Africa and abroad, including a neurosurgeon, a cardiologist, an mRNA expert, and an expert drug trialist.

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