Jackie Cameron

Foreign investors take advantage of weak rand to snap up luxury SA properties – pictures, pricing latest

The weak rand is good for upmarket property developers. South African bricks-and-mortar is looking like bargain-hunting terrain for buyers with foreign currency to spend. For the price of an average place in the UK, buyers can get themselves ensconced in properties and lifestyles they could not afford back home.  The equivalent of R4m would get … Read more

Sasol’s Rand Hedge qualities unpacked – CEO says every 10c drop adds R939m to bottom line

Journalists have long memories. We need them. Those around us are often rather selective about what they recall. My memories of Sasol stretch back to lunching with the formidable former chairman Joe Stegmann; talking engineering with the bow-tied and wonderfully named CEO Paul Kruger; and listening to his successor Pieter Cox’s dreams of boosting the … Read more