Brain Pilates

Tracey Swanepoel’s THINKspiration: How about some Pilates for the brain? Some South Africans are doing amazing things to help their fellows look at the world differently. Tracey Swanepoel, a member of the tight team at To The Point, is among them. A US college and MBA graduate, in this contribution she taps into her own … Read more


Buying beats renting

Why buying a home always beats renting – UPDATE: Piet Viljoen responds Laid to rest another urban myth this morning. The one which says in the stress stakes, moving home is up there with death and divorce. It isn’t. Not even close. 


Getting a great job

A young graduate’s guide to the real world (by someone who says she still has no clue) Some of the best days come when you’ve supported and encouraging emerging talent. It’s going to be a big part of my future. Kicking off with today’s guest columnist Jessica Edgson, a talented young writer from whom we’re … Read more

Flip and Edwin

Farewell Flip Meyer

  In October 2009, we buried my dear friend Flip Meyer (pictured with glasses). He was one life’s great characters, a widely respected and admired financial journalist and a man with a huge, generous heart that touched everyone he met. His wife Koekie honoured me by asking me to give a eulogy at Flip’s funeral. … Read more


No chop for Wenger

Guillotine for Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger?  Why it just won’t happen – Part One   The biggest story in Sports right now is speculation one of the most successful football managers in history will be fired. Arsenal’s long-serving French polymath Arsene Wenger is accused of having lost the plot. My research unearthed a fascinating tale and … Read more


Breeding breakthrough

TBA’s chief Callaghan says thoroughbred export breakthrough just months away   Markus Jooste of Steinhoff is one of the smartest guys I’ve met. Ditto Investec co-founder Bernard Kantor. Both are self-made billionaires who know about buying at the bottom. Both are also huge investors in SA’s thoroughbred breeding sector. A fresh arrival in my inbox … Read more

Alan Knott Craig Jnr

AKC’s career lessons

Seven career lessons former MXiT leader Alan Knott-Craig says he’s learnt already I consider both Alan Knott-Craigs to be friends. Senior, the country’s cell visionary and founding CEO of Vodacom. A man who returned after a heart-attack instilled sabattical and is now running Cell-C (and soon, if sense prevails, Telkom). We’ve shared some deep moments. I … Read more