Carrick’s integrated local and offshore advisory gives clients a truly seamless service

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Leading South African financial advisory firm Carrick Wealth is breaking with outdated industry tradition by integrating its local and offshore divisions. This will provide Carrick clients with a truly seamless, one-stop service with excellent benefits across the onshore-offshore spectrum.

Listening to the demands of clients and recognising the need for such a service, Cape Town-based Carrick, which specialises in integrated wealth management and investment advisory services for high net worth individuals, recently launched its new onshore (local) division to offer this integrated service across the local and offshore range.

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Fully integrated wealth management

Instead of clients having to deal with separate advisers who have different skill sets, the firm’s clients now deal with only one personal wealth specialist who is cross-skilled and qualified to handle the full spectrum of their local investment and risk cover as well as their offshore wealth management.

“Carrick has always been renowned as a leading provider of specialist financial advice in the true offshore arena through its partnerships with industry leaders in the fields of foreign exchange, tax, international property, offshore bank accounts, trusts, wills and estate planning. At the same time people turn to us for specialist advice on local financial products, such as retirement annuities, risk cover for critical illness and income protection, life cover, estate planning, and foreign exchange matters,” says Mike Potts, Managing Director (joint) for Wealth Management and Advisory at Carrick.

“Traditionally, offshore wealth specialists have separated these two service spheres, necessitating different specialists for each area. But we saw an opportunity fully aligned with our mission to lead the way in the industry and provide our clients with a seamless client-centric, fully integrated financial planning and wealth management service,” continues Greg Stockton, Managing Director (joint) for Wealth Management and Advisory at Carrick.

Bespoke financial products

Underpinning and supporting the wealth management specialists is an administrative team specialising in local compliance and administration, as well as qualified para-planners for the domestic onshore products and services being offered. In addition, a separate team of qualified wealth specialists provide ancillary services to the local division wealth management team and are dedicated to ensuring that quarterly reviews of clients’ portfolios are conducted. Carrick also has a well-established range of partnerships with key industry leaders for their risk-cover products such as life cover, critical illness cover, income protection, and endowments.

This latest development, says Greg, is totally in line with Carrick’s vision of setting new benchmarks for the industry, its Integrated Wealth Management strategy and its responsiveness in meeting the expectations of an increasingly aware and informed clientele.

If you would like to find out more about Carrick’s Integrated Wealth Management services and would like a wealth specialist to contact you, send an email to Carrick at [email protected].

  • Carrick Wealth is a registered South African financial services provider specialising in South African and international financial planning and integrated wealth management solutions. Carrick is also licensed in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Malawi, and holds three global licences in Mauritius. Carrick at all times maintains its independence with regard to product providers and asset managers, providing bespoke risk assessment, financial planning and other services to high net worth individuals (HNWI). Through our own qualified and experienced wealth specialists, as well as through partnerships with industry leaders in the fields of foreign exchange, tax, international property, offshore bank accounts, trusts, wills and estate planning, Carrick is able to provide the highest levels of service for your financial planning and investment requirements, both offshore and domestic. This communication is intended solely for information purposes for the use of designated recipients and is not an offer, recommendation or solicitation to transact. While it is based on information available to the public and from sources believed to be reliable, Carrick makes no representation that it is accurate or complete or that any returns indicated will be achieved.
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