The tech bubble is real, and it might affect your investment strategy

Just last week, I wrote a piece on the question “are tech stocks overvalued?” I came to the conclusion that there isn’t a bubble in the tech sector, but that there doesn’t seem to be much value either. In this interview, Vunani Capital’s Gary Booysen argues that the tech sector is, in fact, looking pretty … Read more

Apple, Google salary cap class action goes ahead

By Dan Levine SAN FRANCISCO, March 28 (Reuters) – A U.S. judge on Friday rejected a request from Apple, Google and two other tech companies to avoid a trial in a class action lawsuit alleging a scheme to drive down wages. Tech workers sued the companies alleging they conspired to avoid competing for each other’s … Read more

Steve Jobs Headshot

Thanks Steve – This is how customer service should work!

By Alec Hogg  A year ago, I subscribed through the Apple iTunes store to the online edition of Fast Company magazine. It became apparent quite quickly it wasn’t for me. With slow SA bandwidth the heavy downloads seemed to take forever. And when it arrived the content wasn’t adding much value. But I’d paid for … Read more

Extra R1bn for Treasury – applies VAT to gaming, iTunes, Amazon purchases

In the early days of internet retailing, countries around the world allowed online shops to ignore sales taxes and VAT. The idea was to promote the growth and development of the nascent online retail industry – governments wanted to give online vendors an advantage to help them persuade consumers to take the plunge and shop … Read more

Air ticket prices not going to fall with new low cost entrant – Kulula CEO

  With buzz growing around a new entrant to the South Africa airline industry in the form of a low-cost carrier called Skywise, many have been asking if airline ticket prices will fall when competition gets even stiffer. However, Comair CEO Erik Venter says not a chance. The margins in the airline biz are already … Read more

Apple ties up with China Mobile, potential to boost iPhone sales by over 25%

Tim Cook has achieved something his company’s founder Steve Jobs couldn’t get right. The company has tied up a deal with China Mobile which with 740m subscribers is comfortably the biggest cell phone business on earth. The new relationship has the potential to add more than 25% to Apple’s iPhone sales. It sells around 34m … Read more