SA swoons for R13bn platinum mine promoter Robert Friedland; Steve Jobs warned he’s a con man, charlatan

Mining entrepreneur Robert Friedland is, well, interesting. Listed by Forbes magazine as a billionaire with $1.15bn net worth, Ivanhoe Mining’s founder attracts controversy like horses do flies. A brief Google search uncovers a two year jail sentence for drug dealing; an early US project still ranked the country’s worst contaminator; and, more recently, news of … Read more

Tips on how to reinvent your business, from SA’s ‘dealer in hope and optimism’

It’s easy to be worried about your business’s long-term sustainability when you look at the speed at which technology is putting companies and industries into intensive care. Don’t accept what looks like the inevitable, though, because often the biggest business ideas are to be found in the most challenging times – right under our noses. … Read more

The flourishing members of business’s “second chance at life” club

Some months back, Business Day’s editor Peter Bruce asked whether I’d like to contribute to his fine newspaper. Back then it wasn’t possible because of my restraint of trade. But that ended in July, so my first column for Business Day appeared this week. Called Undictated it appears every Monday – one more reason to start your … Read more

Laurene Powell

Steve Jobs Bio III: Who you marry makes huge difference

Laurene PowellWalter Isaacson’s book on Apple’s Steve Jobs gets one feeling it’s a pity biographies begin, as they must, with the subject’s early years. After the first 200 pages, many will be tempted to throw away the tome, tiring of a brattish Jobs who typifies much of what the rest of the world dislikes about American businessmen.

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Steve book

🔒 Steve Jobs Bio – Part One: Slow unravelling of a flawed genius

By Alec Hogg Some books are meant to be savoured. Consumed slowly. Every page cherished. Enjoyed at leisure. For me, Walter Isaacson’s long awaited biography on Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs is one such book. It’s like that last juicy mouthful, kept one side as an incentive to clear the bedside table of half-read orphans. ___STEADY_PAYWALL___ … Read more


What shares to buy with that Xmas bonus (2011)

xmasIn December 20112, Robert K sent this email:

I am wanting to invest my bonus in some share but I am not 100% sure where to find value at the moment. I already have MPC, Curro (which has done well for me), Steinhoff and Old Mutual as well as Satrix Top 40 and Stanlib unit trusts.

Are there any shares you would recommend? I have been looking at AGL but they are very expensive although I do see value there.

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