JMPD (Photo: Quickpic)

Why should we respect traffic police?

By Nick Hodgson. Traffic laws exist for a reason. They help maintain law and order, prevent carnage and most importantly reduce deaths in what is unequivocally the most dangerous mode of transportation on the planet. South Africa has one of the worst road death statistics in the world. In fact in a survey conducted by … Read more

Video that’s shocking SA – Cape Town police beating unarmed man

For most Southern Africans over 40, mentioning SWAPO brings back memories of the Namibian freedom fighting organisation that operated during the height of the Apartheid State’s defence against “total onslaught”. For columnist Irvine Green, though, SWAPO means Super Wide Awake Assistant to Police Officers. Unfortunately for the Cape Town police beating this unarmed man, … Read more

Flowers, mudslinging and a Facebook mystery

Well, the five to survive today is real garland of goodies. And on that flowery note, let’s start with something fun and frothy before we get into the heavies. Some astounding news out of Durban. Durban’s Botanic Gardens took gold at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show in the UK. Hot news? Of course. SA’s flag … Read more

Of cops, prisons and twits in space

Five things you need to know today about SA 1. News24 says that in court papers filed by former president Thabo Mbeki he admits he tried to delay the arrest of suspended police chief Jackie Selebi to give him time to prepare the country for the arrest. Read the story here. 2. Meanwhile The Times  … Read more