South Africa delays carbon tax to 2016

From Reuters CAPE TOWN (Reuters) – South Africa will delay the introduction of a carbon tax by one year to 2016, tweaking its policies to better protect industry from a proposed tax price of 120 rand per ton of carbon equivalent, finance minister Pravin Gordhan said on Wednesday. The postponement is likely to be welcomed by mining and other … Read more


Thinkpiece: What the Wealth Tax call means for South Africans


Warren E Buffett sure knows how to toss a cat among the pigeons. True to form, in August the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway wrote an op-ed headlined “Stop coddling the super rich” for America’s leading newspaper, The New York Times. It was a full frontal attack on a tax system that favours the wealthy.Buffett’s well-argued and entirely logical proposals have become the rallying call for “wealth tax” agitators around the world.Including here in Sunny South Africa.

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