Betting QE will continue? Juicy 12% yielding Arrowhead, property stock that hunts in quiet places

For as long as the US continues with Quantitative Easing – running the printing presses – interest rates worldwide will remain low and non-cash assets will continue flourishing. It’s an ideal scenario for Arrowhead, the JSE-listed property group which hunts outside the areas where others focus. In the year to end September, Arrowhead bought two … Read more

The Star

First shots fired

The Star

First shots fired in the bidding for Independent Newspapers South Africa

Newspapers might be dying, but they still carry enough legacy to attract good money. Warren Buffett has changed his mind and started scooping up US papers. And this week in South Africa bidding began for Independent Newspapers, the willing cash cow that’s kept on giving to its embattled Irish parent.

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