Unique Online Platform for Creative Talent Successfully Launches in the UK

24 Nov 2014

techA unique new platform for creative talent has set tongues wagging and larynxes stretching following its national launch in Birmingham on 5th November 2014.

Emergeination is an online platform designed by creatives for creatives and brings together many of Britain’s most glamorous talents. It’s where guitar-strumming musicians, fabulous fashionistas, artists, dancers and filmmakers will profile their work, generate a living and create a lasting impact within their industry. Designed as a virtual community for the talented and artistic, the concept is the brainchild of industry pro and local girl, Susanna Westwood.

The innovative new platform has been created to help emerging creative talent promote and sell their products and services worldwide, ensuring that they are able to maintain financial and creative control over their careers which is notoriously difficult in today’s industry. As well as being able to use the new platform as a tool for promotion, users are also able to gain invaluable knowledge and guidance from industry experts.

Emergeination’s specialist team of industry pros understand the increasing need for change in the creative industry, so much so that they have invested over £150,000 so far in the project. The Emergeination experts have worked at the highest of showbiz echelons with acts ranging from Take That and Prince and Beverley Knight, to showcasing collections at London Fashion Week and New York Fashion Week, collaborating with Sky TV and the BBC on commercial film projects and selling collections around the globe.

Singer/songwriter James Barrat said, “Emergeination gave me access to their platform and training 9 months ago. Since then I’ve been able to get my music out there, make more money and get access to industry training. It’s great to get advice on how the industry actually works.”

The stylish launch night showcased a variety of performances from professional and emerging artists who are certainly going places. From live music to animation art and contemporary dance to fashion shows, guests at the launch were certainly in for a treat.

To finish, the RAF spitfire choir, populated by people serving or related to the RAF performed their charity single ‘remember them’ written and recorded by world renowned song writer Chris Eton – Songwriter of Saviours Day by Cliff Richard.

Susanna Westwood, CEO of Emergeination said, “As a singer I have seen and experienced the frustrations and pitfalls of the arts and entertainments industry.”

“The industry has, for too long been dominated by large corporations, meaning emerging artists have little chance of establishing a career where they can maintain creative and financial control. I created Emergeination as a tool to empower and inspire up and coming creative talent and ultimately give them back control over their careers.”

Most recent govt. figures show that the Creative Industries across the UK account for some £71.4 billion in gross value added every year.