“e-toll Tuesday” looms. The day when SA Government’s will is pitted against its citizens

Tuesday is a big day for South Africa. A very big day. It is when those who live in the commercial centre of the country which generates almost half the national GDP, will legally have to pay to use highways they have travelled for years. Because when these highways were upgraded, the Government believed it best for them to be funded by the users. The resistance has been led by Wayne Duvenage’s OUTA. Many sympathise. Including Biznews.com community member William Kelly’s opinion piece on the subject which was very well read. With the big day imminent, Kelly couldn’t resist a follow-up. One he tried “so hard to keep toned down.” Emotions are running high. Civic society, business, trade unions, opposition politicians and even the churches are staunchly opposed to eTolls. The mood has not been helped by allegations of growing corruption, including last week’s hard evidence from the Public Protector, published by Mail & Guardian, that the President himself has plundered the public purse for personal gain. Leading to a Twitter petition calling for Jacob Zuma’s impeachment. Tuesday promises to be a very interesting day indeed. – AH

William Kelly
William Kelly – hates e-tolls

By William Kelly*

The e-Tolls are quite possibly the best thing to have happened to South Africa since Van Riebeeck and Mandela. Even better December 3 is just around the corner and it’s an exciting, important day. I really believe in fact that it is our very own St Crispian’s day, up there with June 16. This is not a day that will live in infamy however, but a day that we can mark in history nonetheless. it is the day that the lines were drawn, were crossed and war was waged.

It probably needs a name – but e-Tolls D Day doesn’t sound good, nor is it the truth of the significance of the day. Day of the Fat Piggie? Good, but not quite there though. SA Day? Harumph. Patriotic drivel I concede but actually the closest thing I can come up with. Mail me your suggestions if you feel strongly enough about it.

It is December 3, when we as a citizenry, have the opportunity to finally express our anger, our pent up frustrations and our seething rage against a government so out of touch with reality it considers itself above the law and believes us stupid enough to swallow it. As in Orwell’s Animal Farm the politicians in our country are killing it with death by a thousand cuts/boiling the froggie in the pot slowly/bleeding us dry by hundreds of taxes/insert your own analogy here.

But we have the opportunity now to stick it to them. The utter destruction of the fabric of society presided over and abetted by the government under the pretences of the auspices of ‘democracy’ are exposed daily on a scale that is actually so far beyond belief that we have all become utterly numbed by it. The plunder that has taken place since the ANC stood up and took over would embarrass even Bob Mugabe and South Africa has become a country that has become selfish, inward looking and resentful of everyone else. We as a people have been forced to think “me me me me” and “what can I get and protect” and “what can I take, who do I take it from, how do I not get caught and how do I get away with it when I am caught?” by our ‘leadership’.

Road rage. Inter racial hatred. Violence. Theft. Organised crime. Rhinos being slaughtered. Fear of the police for crying in a bucket! Politicians never, ever going to jail much less being fired. Larceny and fraud rewarded. Cadre deployment. Child rape. CHILD RAPE! Who rapes a child? Who???

Poster provided by Kesigan Padayachee
Poster provided by Kesigan Padayachee

This is not a country I want. It is not a country any human being wants. Yet is it the one we have. And so December 3 is an important day. It marks a sea change, a small ripple that added to yet other small ripples starting to make their presence felt. It will add up to a country that has shown it has the capacity for civilised behaviour. That our people have the capacity to deal with the onerous responsibility of personal freedom which is the one thing we most certainly don’t have. That we can see and think and act for ourselves.

December 3 is the perfect storm. After the devastating public protector’s report – someone give that woman a Bells! – if that is in fact the exact report that the M&G got their hands on, I cannot see anything other than Number Two being sent on his way. To jail. Directly. If not, he must be impeached. There is nothing, I repeat, nothing less that will suffice. Nkandla must be sold to recoup the costs. And dare I say it, but I am really, really looking forward to hearing what the mouth of Sauron aka Mac Maharaj says about this one.

December 3 is the line in the sand. It is the day when South Africans stand up and say no more. It is when true power will be exercised, power that far exceeds the token sham that poses as the ‘vote’. The will of the people will no longer be suppressed.

* William is a forty something Seffer and serial entrepreneur always off doing his own thing. Better than having a desk job according to his way of thinking. Loathes politicians and those who consider themselves beyond accountability and hence he is a fervent advocate of personal freedom and free market capitalism.”

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