Lawrence McCrystal: NPA’s folding shows SA’s wicked forces now in retreat.

Back in the days when the Industrial Development Corporation was building great future companies like Sasol and Kumba, Dr Lawrence McCrystal played an important part as a member of the directorate. An entrepreneur and economist, even though recently turning 80 he remains actively involved in five South African businesses which contribute to the economy through employment and paying taxes. McCrystal, a Christian, believes the 70% of South Africans who share his religious convictions should now stand up and be counted, especially after what he calls “wicked forces” are on the retreat after the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) withdrew its trumped charges against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan. – Alec Hogg   

By Dr Lawrence McCrystal*

The U.S.A. reached a constitutional democracy only after a terrible civil war. The same in the U.K. and France, including, in both cases, beheading the king.

Despite its tensions, South Africa reached a constitutional democracy just before and in 1994, without a bloody civil war, which could easily have happened, and was expected by the media around the world.

This is a remarkable testimony to the people of this land, that we saw a constitutional democracy as the way towards which we could peacefully resolve our differences. There were outbreaks of violence but they were confined to a small minority of the population. The vast majority were, and still are, peace-loving and caring people.

At the last census, over 70% of the entire population claimed to be Christian. This makes the Christian community potentially by far the largest civil society grouping in our nation, with the added advantage of being both urban and rural and having the values of love, mercy, self-sacrifice and peace-making that Jesus brought to the world.

South African president Jacob Zuma
South African president Jacob Zuma

What we saw happening earlier this year, when the Constitutional Court found President Zuma guilty of breaching the Constitution and the majority in Parliament in default of their Constitutional duty, was a water-shed in the history of S.A. Effectively it re-affirmed the choice made by South Africans before and in 1994 and emphasised the rule of law.

So we now have the battle line clearly drawn between those who favour and support constitutional democracy and the rule of law, with the underlying Christian values of love for God and our neighbour, and tribalism which sets the chief above the law, traditionally allowing him with his headman to do as he and they please, with all the disruption that potentially could accompany this.

That is what is happening now. I put it to you, dear reader, that the forces for good in our society are potentially so powerful that they will prevail over the greed, hatred and power-hunger that is consuming people in positions of power. Abrahams and the NPA’s withdrawal of the case against Pravin Gordhan is evidence of the fact that these wicked forces are in retreat.

There’s the Rainbow on the horizon!

  • For the last half a century Dr McCrystal has played a part, as an entrepreneur and economist, promoting industrial and business development, both as a member of the IDC Board (for 18 years) and in numerous other public and private sector roles.
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