The story of St Francis Bay. From disaster has come rejuvenation.

Journalism is a high pressured occupation. But it also gets into your blood. As a consequence, when many top professionals hit veteran status, they relocate to smaller centres. Often at the coast. My former boss at the SABC, Johan Pretorius, opted for Port Shepstone where he runs the South Coast Fever. A colleague from our … Read more

Shakeup at Tsogo Sun as two of the top four clear their desks and leave tomorrow

Lots of really¬†intriguing¬†stuff happening in the hotels sector right now. As CNBC’s Samantha Loring writes ¬†below, two of Tsogo Sun’s top four will be leaving the R30bn group tomorrow. Since aggressive young CEO Marcel Von Aulock (38) was promoted from financial director into the hot seat in September 2011, both Tsogo’s head of marketing Rob … Read more

So you think the Rand can only get weaker? Think again.

Adrian Saville and his team at Cannon Asset Managers are used to making waves. Theirs is a culture of questioning, thinking independently and deep research. With a hefty dose of rationality thrown into the pot. So it’s not surprising that Adrian’s colleague Andrew Newell would feel compelled to share views that fly in the face … Read more