The Nkandla Style video – 200 000 views and rising

It’s not really surprising that Turkey’s out of touch leader has banned Twitter and Facebook. Social media is a politician’s worst nightmare. It gives frustrated citizens the ability to publish their opinions and shine searchlights into areas where darkness ruled. South Africa’s increasingly unpopular President Jacob Zuma is starting to feel the sharp edge of that new age scalpel.  A hard hitting anti-Zuma video on Youtube called Nkandla Style, embedded below, has gone viral with over 200 000 views and 250 comments a couple days after it was posted. In the Biznews daily newsletter on Friday (subscribe here) I questioned why South Africans act so irrationally at Election Time by re-electing under-performing politicians. Serial fibbers who, every five years, say anything the populace wants to hear and once they’ve been entrusted with power rule as if by Divine Right. This video is a stark reminder that South Africans are not mushrooms. A growing number have woken up to reality and resent being kept in the dark and fed garbage. Perhaps Election 2014 will be different after all. – AH

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