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Last night colleague Lucy Ferreira sent me an SA Tourism video that’s deservedly gone viral on Youtube. It is a wonderful reminder of this engaged nation. A nation which expects high standards of its leaders and lets them know, loudly, when they fall short. And why we speak out, ‘passionately, when they take us in the wrong direction, when their decisions seem to be based on anything less than perfect insight.

The video is a short pick-me-up we all need and is embedded on the site’s front page. It features a young nation whom the Good Lord blessed with natural and other riches. Mostly its people. A smiling, happy, embracing lot whose generosity of spirit never ceases to amaze outsiders.

At Biznews we will always hold up the mirror on aspects like enrichment in the name of empowerment or instances where public resources are misallocated. But we will never, ever abandon our belief that the people of South Africa have much to offer the rest of humanity. Or the idealism embodied in the humility and maturity of our icon Nelson Mandela. Join us.



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