Why Paul O’Sullivan boxes on, despite the odds

By Alec Hogg

In a world where self-interest is endemic and everyone seems to have their price, Paul O’Sullivan is an enigma to his enemies. A fearless warrior for justice, the famed courage of Irish forebears pulses powerfully through his being.

As you will hear from our interview conducted in London on Friday, he is opening up a new front against vested interests. O’Sullivan overcame impossible odds to rid South Africa of its corrupt and seemingly unassailable chief of police Jackie Selebi. His latest report on the Zupta capture of the criminal justice system promises similar seismic consequences.

Why does a man with a large and happy family take such existential risks? Someone has to, O’Sullivan says. And why persevere when the odds are so heavily stacked against you? Because, he maintains, there is nothing so powerful as the truth – and it always prevails. Hope springs.

Paul O'Sulllivan
Paul O’Sulllivan

From Biznews community member Trevor Tutu

In this age, when agnosticism and cynicism have become their own belief systems, I’ll be taken for a ridiculous romantic for suggesting to you that there is something they put in the water here, and that it makes us prisoners of hope.
It is because Paul O’Sullivan is held captive by hope that he is free to fight for our freedom.
There is a spring somewhere in South Africa where Mandela, Sisulu, Ruth First, Gandhi and Cachalia drank, and Paul obviously knows where it is, and he goes there to quench his thirst. Fortunately for us it is not at the Saxonwold Shebeen.
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