Graham McIntosh: “I have a dream for SA in 2017…”

By Graham McIntosh*

My basket of dreams for our Beloved Country (let us never forget Alan Paton’s dream in “Cry the Beloved Country”) in 2017 includes:

  • That people would give racism and genderism the correct description of “sin”.  Then we can address these issues in the way that most South Africans understand – forgiveness, repentance, reconciliation and loving your neighbour, not through hatred and violence.
  • That the Marxists, the Decolonisation Foundation and others clamouring for “Decolonisation”, would actually realise that their promotion of Marx’s ideas is an indisputably colonialist project. Karl Marx was a white male German (colonial power) although he chose exile in Great Britain (another colonial power). My dream is that these energetic activists would search their intellects and African values and realise that Marx is largely irrelevant to the South African debate.
  • That the horror of our ongoing excessive violent crime, murders, rape, muti murders, killing of “witches”, contract killings and murder of policemen would be addressed by our Parliament by amending the Constitution to allow our courts the freedom to impose the death sentence after a due legal process, including appeals.
  • That Jimmy Manyi and the EFF would spend time dealing with their inferiority complexes by reading Tiyo Soga’s writing and biography.
  • That the Christians and non-Communists in the ANC will rise up to isolate and expose the white-anting of their organisation.
  • That the scandal of abuses (life-long injuries and deaths) during male genital mutilation of young men and boys at “traditional bush camps” will be firmly addressed but also the hidden scandal of the Department of Health, with funding from a US NGO, ferrying busloads of primary school boys to be genitally mutilated, will be thoroughly investigated.
  • That Chumani Maxwele and others of the “Rhodes Fallists” group come to realise that they are replicating Nongqawuse (although she had much more dignity than they do) when in 1857, with the best of misguided intentions, she impoverished her Xhosa people by leading them to kill their cattle. In their Fanonist racism and hatred of whites, the “Fallists” may kill two centres of academic excellence in UCT and Wits.
  • That HIV/AIDS would be stripped of its “human rights baggage” and be dealt with as the STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) that it is and in accordance with well-known and centuries old, public health policies for treating an STD.
  • That SADTU could be banned from our schools and that Principals be given proper powers and that inspectors be re-introduced.
  • That a monument is erected to all our immigrants, legal and illegal, for their example of hard work and determination to survive and prosper.

*Biznews community member Graham McIntosh (73) is two years younger than Jacob Zuma. He first went to Parliament in 1974 and is fluent in English, Afrikaans and Zulu.

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