AfriForum defends ANC assault on its hiring Nel – a space to watch.

Gerrie Nel
Gerrie Nel

If, as some analyst or leading politician said the other day, our National Prosecution Authority, NPA, has been turned into Zuma’s private defence (or offence) team, then it’s understandable why AfriForum is so delighted at hiring one of their top prosecutors. Bull terrier-like Gerrie Nel, hit the global stage when he put Paralympic champion, ‘BladeRunner’ Oscar Pistorius away for murder last year, slamming the door shut further after his State appeal against Pistorius’s too light a jail sentence succeeded. He’s obviously had enough of the NPA’s wiles and political obedience to the ANC and seems to have found a more congenial political home where he believes he can make more of a difference – and potentially leave an even bigger indelible mark on society. Interestingly NPA chief, Shaun Abrahams, who famously initiated, then reversed a prosecution against Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan, ordered a probe in which Nel is cited just three days before he (Nel) resigned. The ANC’s instant clamour to colour the move ‘racist’ and paint AfriForum as a backward-looking, purely Afrikaner, right wing organisation, belies or perhaps emphasises the outfit’s activist success so far. Never one to shrink from controversy, Kallie Kriel, the outfit’s CEO cited AfriForum’s coming to black farmers’ defence on land invasions, supporting taxi organisations and taking up non-service delivery battles on behalf of anyone, to refute what he calls ‘non-factual propaganda’. He challenged his detractors to name “one instance where AfriForum acted in a racist manner”. Watch this space for Gerrie’s next success – it could even change the political landscape… – Chris Bateman

From News24

Pretoria – Lobby group AfriForum has denied claims that the organisation serves to protect the rights of the white Afrikaner population in the country.

Speaking at the official announcement on Tuesday of a newly-established prosecuting unit, to be led by State advocate Gerrie Nel, AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel said this perception was mere “propaganda” which was not based on facts. – News24


Expanded transcript of interview by Chris Bateman

AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel challenged his accusers to name one instance where AfriForum had acted in a racist manner, citing its protection of black farmers against land invasions, its support of taxi associations and its court battles to ensure safe and sufficient water and electricity supply to towns and townships. “We don’t just fight for Afrikaners interests but everybody’s. Those are facts,” he says in a televised interview carried on News 24. “If you are a successful watchdog, you are bound to make some enemies. All they can do to try and silence you, is label you with falsehoods. Judge us on our actions, not on the grounds of who we are,” he added.

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