Timely reminder why life should be divided into three stages – learning; earning; then serving.

It’s no fun being a public persona nowadays, especially when you’re linked to the portals of political power. Since Donald Trump took occupation of the White House his extended family has been the subject of intense media scrutiny. Especially 36 year old son-in-law Jared Kushner, a senior Presidential advisor and one of the trio on Trump’s leadership team.

Kushner is back in the news for the wrong reason this week after it surfaced his family’s property development business is negotiating to sell a $400m chunk of its flagship New York skyscraper to a leading member of China’s Communist Party. The details are all over Bloomberg and the New York Times, suggesting an excessive price has been negotiated because of the younger Kushner’s proximity to the US Commander in Chief.

Whatever the truth of this particular deal, there will always be conflicts of interest when business and politics mix in an overly-familiar cocktail. Particularly in this Internet age where secrets rarely stay that way for long. A timely reminder of the wise advice that life should be split between learning (0-30); earning (30-60); and serving (60 plus) – with public office very clearly, and separately, in the “serving” stage.

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