Make a date to join us tomorrow for the Warren and Charlie show

This has been one of our busier weeks here at Biznews. We’ve got blanket coverage of the WEF Africa in Durban and it’s also quarterly earnings reporting season in the US. And it’s far from over.

The week’s pinnacle happens on Saturday when, at 16:00 SA time, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger kick off the world’s best attended AGM. They will spend the next five and a half hours fielding questions from the Berkshire Hathaway faithful – sharing their wise observations on investment, economics and life.

As we did last year, we’ll be covering the AGM in detail. So for your annual dose of Mid-Western common sense be sure to log on to Biznews late Saturday afternoon. At 86 and 93 respectively, Warren and Charlie are once again set to show us that wisdom really does come with age. Especially in the business world.