Ed Herbst: Using the power of television to fuel racism, prop up a corrupt govt

If you’re an SABC television viewer and believe that White Afrikaner farmers are cruel and inhuman when it comes to labourers stepping out of line, stealing or misbehaving, Ed Herbst explains exactly why here. It’s a telling and excoriating bit of writing, full of incontrovertible truths and facts which add up to a single contention; the SABC news coverage by choice and omission, is blatant propaganda designed to prop up the ruling party by fuelling racism. Unlike the grossly Goebbels-like propaganda on the Gupta-owned ANN7 television channel, the SABC is subtler, if you can call its’ one-eyed coverage of racist murders subtle. That’s because you don’t know what you don’t see or hear. Herbst’s impeccable research exposes what they blatantly ignored – news stories that headlined everywhere else and by any journalistic criteria, were news leads of the day. By contrast, stories which supported the racist view of supremacist White Boers were eagerly grasped and broadcast at every opportunity, especially when an isolated case of criminality cropped up. The goons that ran the SABC were not just incompetent, greedy deployed cadres. They were downright dangerous toadies, ladling gunpowder into a racial keg that history gifted our corrupt rulers with. – Chris Bateman

By Ed Herbst*

Moller said he had seen farm attacks during which the victims had been skinned alive.

“I have seen little children who have been kicked and beaten in such a brutal fashion that their heads swell bigger than a soccer ball.

“I have seen cases where people were forced to drink boiling water.”

Agri SA’s Johannes Moller speaking at the Wall of Remembrance at Nampo Park in Bothaville, Free State which was erected to commemorate commercial farmer murder victims and their families. – IOL 19/5/2017

“If all South Africans don’t vote, we will regress. The Boers will come back to control us.” – Cyril Ramaphosa IOL 11/11/2013

Veteran journalist Ed Herbst

Not content with poisoning our water through its criminal neglect of our municipal sewage treatment plants and its profligate issuing of mining licences in water-scarce areas to its politically-connected cadres, the African National Congress continues its ideological threats against the 33 000 remaining farmers on whom 55 million people depend for sustenance. Our farmers are, quite literally, under siege and the ANC constantly tries to justify their often bestial murder. Unsurprisingly they are leaving in ever-increasing numbers for countries where their skin colour does not matter and will not impede their progress.

North West premier Supra Mahumapelo exploited the death of Coligny teenager Matlhomola Moshoeu to ratchet up hatred against white Afrikaners and when Rian Malan tried to offer a different perspective – after visiting the town – his critics, who seem not to have visited the town, were quick to condemn him.

One thing, though, is beyond dispute because there is no evidence to refute the following contention:

The bereaved kith and kin of the farmers and their families, from children to the frail aged, who have been murdered with primitive, feral barbarism in the past two decades, have borne their grief with stoic dignity. They have not, in vengeful response and with righteous anger, torched dwellings, stoned passing vehicles, blocked roads with burning tyres, looted shops or attacked the police.

Make of that what you will.

Racism-inciting media coverage

In my article, A brutal tale of unbalanced, selective, racism-inciting media coverage, I compared our state broadcaster with Radio Mille Collines which used its broadcasts to inflame ethnic tensions during the Rwandan genocide.

I wrote that while the scale was obviously different, the motivation was the same – to incite hatred against ‘the other’. As a case study I cited the saturation coverage given by the SABC to the trial of teenager, Don Steenkamp, who killed his sister after raping her on their farm, Naauwhoek, near Griquatown on 6 April 2012 and then killed his parents lest they bear witness to his crime.

The intention of this ethnically-biased SABC broadcasting was clear – to create the impression that Steenkamp was a typical example of a white South African farmer. The SABC reaches millions of people through its 250 daily news bulletins in 11 languages on radio and television and this was the stereotyping message it sought to convey.

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In my previous article I compared this inflammatory ethnic propaganda to the de facto SABC policy of deliberately giving no coverage at all to the torture and murder of hundreds of white farmers and their families by non-white assailants – lest this create empathy for the South African citizens about whom Michael Cardo asks the question: Are ‘1652s’ the new Jews?

Driving this policy at the SABC in 2012 were Jimi (The door or the window) Matthews and the maniacal Hlaudi Motsoeneng. And before them there was Snuki Zikalala.

They did not respond to the article because they could not.

There was also no response from Kaizer Kganyago, the SABC spokespinner  who retains his post despite – or perhaps because of – being described by a High Court judge as a liar.

Let me buttress this contention by citing a murder trial which I, as the most experienced court reporter in the SABC’s Sea Point news office 16 years ago, was refused permission to cover. Permission was denied because the victims, a farmer and his son, were white and their assailants were not and the last thing the ANC-controlled state broadcaster wants to do is create empathy for the people President Jacob Zuma calls snakes.

This trial in the Cape High Court was, however, covered by Estelle Ellis, then senior court reporter at the Cape Argus and now an award-winning senior reporter at The Herald in Port Elizabeth.

The trial of the three accused, Freddie Sopeli, Malinge Khalu and Thabang Simaru took place in in August 2001. They attacked the Barnard family on their farm, Lillydale, near Kuils River on 10 December 1999, fatally shooting 21 year old Christiaan Barnard junior and gravely wounding his father. The latter testified that he was repeatedly shot as he tried to aid his son and that one of his attackers used the ‘boer’ epithet – redolent of and suffused with ANC ethnic hatred as the anchor quote on this article by Cyril Ramaphosa indicates –  as, with blood coming out of his mouth and nose,  he crawled towards his mortally-wounded son.

‘Now boer, you die.’

“I intensely wanted to be with my child. I managed to get up again. The gunman was approaching me again. He aimed his revolver at me again. ‘Now, boer, now you die’, he told me.

“I knew he would kill me this time. The bullets struck my arm and my chest.

“It was a frightening shock. I could not breathe anymore.

“The blood was streaming into my nose and mouth. I could not reach my child any longer. I collapsed.” (“Father’s harrowing tale of attack – Man recounts how he was shot repeatedly as he tried to help his son” by Estelle Ellis, Cape Argus, 21/8/2001)

Not only was I refused permission to cover the trial, I was also refused permission to cover the subsequent sentencing of the three accused.

So horrifying did Judge Anton Schippers find this murder that he recommended that the three accused only qualify for parole after serving a sentence of thirty years. “Judge postpones parole bid to lengthen farm killers’ sentences” by Estelle Ellis Cape Argus 9/10/2001.

The head of SABC news in Auckland Park at the time was Snuki (Zero Sum) Zikalala, accused at the TRC of human rights abuses, an accusation he chose not to testify against, because he could not. And in Cape Town the head of news was Jeffrey Twala.

A year after these trials, on 17/2/2002 a letter appeared in the Sunday Times  which I transcribed at the time.

The letter from Geoff Dillon of Paarl reads:

‘Your columnist Stephen Mulholland touches on an issue that, for some inexplicable reason, has left our media watchdogs, such as the Freedom of Expression Institute and the Media Monitor Group, mute.

‘His letter to the SABC asking why the double standard of constantly referring to white farmers when blacks are murdered or ill-treated but with no reference being made to the race of those who have, with barbarity, attacked hundreds of white farming homesteads in the past few years will go unanswered.

‘The SABC declines to send their teams to the murder scenes where white farmers and their families are the victims – as was the case three weeks ago with the murder of 72 year old Paarl farmer Abraham Fourie. Yet it paid R50 000 for the footage of the of the North East Rand Dog Unit terrorising illegal Mozambican immigrants – and then deliberately held on to this footage for several weeks so that it could, to the benefit of the ANC, be broadcast just before an election.

‘If President Thabo Mbeki is genuine and serious about wanting to keep white skills in this country, he needs to act soon.

‘His failure to do so will show that the SABC’s manifestly racist approach to broadcasting is being directed right from the top.’

For obvious reasons neither Mbeki nor the SABC responded to the serious charges contained in this Sunday Times letter because  the news manipulation about which Dillon wrote was incontrovertible truth.

But wait, there’s more!

Go to the SABC news website and type the words Mido Macia into the search bar. Two hundred and thirty articles about the Mozambican taxi driver who was dragged to his death behind a vehicle appear. Macia was black.

Now go to the search bar on the SABC News website and type in the words Johan Strydom and the result is ‘no result’.

Sadistic attackers

Strydom was attacked on his farm outside Potchefstroom on 15 May 2010. He would probably have succumbed to the injuries suffered in the attack but post mortem results provided in a subsequent court case showed that was still alive when his sadistic attackers indulged themselves a little further. He was attached by a chain to his bakkie and dragged, while still alive, to what must, finally, have been a merciful death.

“Johan Strydom’s liver burst, the back of his skull was crushed and there were drag marks all over his body.

“He lay with his face to the ground and there was a chain around his left ankle,” said Warrant Officer Kevin Pretorius on Thursday during the bail application of two of the three accused, Simphiwe Tueng, 19, and Soul Letsie, 21, in the Potchefstroom Magistrate’s Court.

All that was taken was his cellphone and his wallet.

Why the contrast in SABC coverage between the murder of Mido Macia and the similar murder of Johan Strydom?

Depraved slaughter

Is the reason why the SABC did not cover the depraved slaughter of Johan Strydom and the subsequent trial of his killers not that he was white, Afrikaans and a farmer and, at the behest of the ANC, it did not want to create sympathy for whites like him?

I can recall no expression of concern from the ANC in general or Derek Hanekom in particular about the unspeakable horror of Strydom’s murder and there was no message of condolence for those who loved him and depended on him. There was obviously also no expression of concern from the ANC or Derek Hanekom about the way in which the details of his ghastly death were  suppressed by the SABC in another example of its de facto censorship-by-omission policy in this regard – a policy that dates from the start of the Mbeki era and the deployment of his acolytes to the SABC board and its newsrooms.

Former Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom

This was not the only example of such murders which equate to necklacing for primordial barbarity.

Ottosdal farmer Andre van der Merwe suffered the same fate and you won’t find the account of his murder and the subsequent trial of his murderers,Thabo Matlhoko and Shadrack Thapelo Smit, on the SABC news website either.

Yet another example of this unspeakably vile evil …

Farmer Jock de Gouveia  was also dragged to his death behind a vehicle and, once again, there is no mention of his murder on the SABC News website, a murder which, had it occurred in the UK, France, Germany, Holland, Italy or any other advanced democracy would have dominated news headlines for weeks.

None of these murders were covered by the SABC because the ANC does not want any news coverage that creates empathy for whites. If there is another explanation for this censorship let us have it.

Brutishly inhuman murders

Penny Sparrow

And while the SABC broadcast not a word about the brutishly inhuman murders of Johan Strydom, Andre van der Merwe and Jock de Gouveia, it promoted the Penny Sparrow narrative with relish, featuring no less than 437 articles on her on its news website alone. Derek Hanekom in particular and the ANC in general must have been elated by the SABC’s Penny Sparrow coverage, elated at the conduct of this morbidly corrupt, ANC ruling faction-controlled  propaganda organisation. Equally approving will have been the South African Human Rights Commission which specialises in persecuting people like Penny Sparrow while maintaining a complicit silence about the hate speech of ANC members.

Year after year the South African Institute of Race Relations (SAIRR) survey  indicates that about 5% of all South Africans perceive racism and xenophobia as the country’s greatest unresolved issue and about 80% of the black South Africans polled in the study indicated that they did not experience ethnic animosity in their daily lives.

Anti-white bias

This undermines those who routinely play the race card and thus the former deputy minister of agriculture and a farmer himself, Derek (pseudo-anti-racism) Hanekom, felt the need to post an article on Politicsweb, trying to prove that the SAIRR surveys are wrong. He raised, once again, the spectre of Penny Sparrow and cited the bloated SA Human Rights Commission whose anti-white bias is a matter of proven record and which simply ignores the blatant anti-white utterances of black politicians.

Like most chapter 9 institutions, the SAHRC is simply an extension of the ANC and reporters and editors in particular will recall its witch-hunt in 2000 against the ‘racist media’. The avatar of this venomous but ultimately inconsequential SAHRC campaign, driven by Barney Pityana and Christine Qunta, was a marabou stork and a crow perched on a refuse bin in Kampala, Uganda. When no evidence of racism in the media could be found they settled for ‘subliminal racism’. We are indebted to Solidarity for raising the ethnic bias of this ANC trough with the United Nations. Unsurprisingly the ANC has, through its diplomats,  vehemently opposed the use of the UN to bring such taxpayer-funded, ethnic prejudice or the monstrous torture and murder of white farming families to the notice of the international community.

I have repeatedly challenged Hanekom on why he remains silent about farm murders and the concomitant torture while constantly harping on Penny Sparrow who has never physically harmed anyone or advocated physically harming anyone.  He remains silent, however, while indicating that, unlike other principled ANC MPs from Andrew Feinstein to Mcebisi Jonas, he will not resign as an MP and intends to wallow in his parliamentary perks for as long as possible. Is anyone surprised?

Hanekom’s attempts to portray white South Africans as pervasively racist – witness Penny Sparrow – were resoundingly trashed on 7 April when South Africans from all ethnic groups and every political persuasion literally joined hands, united against a mutually-perceived and very dangerous evil. This was Desmond Tutu’s Rainbow Nation of God in action – and nobody mentioned Penny Sparrow.

Unsurprisingly, President Jacob Zuma labelled as racist, all those who marched to protest against his corruption and the pervasive criminality of the despot’s democracy, the political kleptocracy he leads.

There is a savage irony in all of this.

The Race Merchants – I call them Hate Merchants –  constantly laud the example of Nelson Mandela who committed himself to nation building through reconciliation while, at the same time, doing their best to heighten racial tensions and widen the ethnic divide – the antithesis of what Mandela stood for.

The ANC and its Race Merchant allies will continue to play the race card until it self-immolates. One does not expect honour, honesty and grace or ethical probity from a political party which the South African Council of Churches now acknowledges has turned our country into a mafia state.

  • Ed Herbst is a retired veteran journalist who writes in his own capacity.
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