More evidence of “suddenly” as Eskom CFO suspended, Gupta thugs rampage

The “suddenly” stage of change is always turbulent. It is during this period that those who stand to lose their unearned privilege become desperate. And things happen fast. South Africa has seen the momentum build in the last three months as a flotilla of activists have followed axed Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s advice to “join the dots”. And as knowledge flows, the pressure grows.

Yesterday was a good example. Exposed Gupta associate Anoj Singh, who occupied the critical post of financial director at Eskom, was told to vacate his office, thus opening access to the critical details of dodgy Gupta transactions. At a more base level, Gupta-paid BLF thugs last night violently disrupted a town hall meeting hosted by investigative journalism outfit amaBhungane.

You have to wonder what goes through the minds of SA president Jacob Zuma’s business associates when they visit their family-built, SA taxpayer funded palatial Hindu temple in their dusty Northern Indian hometown of Saharanpur. The character defect of self-justification knows no limit.