Would you ever consider going into politics?

By Alec Hogg

Over lunch yesterday a friend asked whether I’d ever go into politics. It was something I did consider rather seriously a couple decades back. But after a little reflection, soon realised there were many better ways to serve.

In the years since, the already limited appeal of politics has deteriorated still further. In my homeland, hate, division and criticism have made the field a particularly destructive endeavour. Elsewhere in the world, even those with the best intentions seem unable to please anyone. Ask the leaders of Catalonia or, indeed, the UK’s Theresa May.

Fixing the system will require a reboot. Democracy has strayed far from its core promise of being by the people, for the people. Technology has provided the tools for effective and transparent governance. All we need is the will to apply them. Everywhere, civil society is taking an ever greater interest. Hopefully it won’t be too long before it forces political leaders to get back to basics.

From Biznews community member Ian Jayes

To put it in perspective, after delivering a speech someone said to
Adlai Stevenson: All thinking people will vote for you after that
speech. Stevenson replied: I hope not, I want the majority to vote for me.

Unfortunately people vote on perceptions, not facts and values.

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