Gupta Curse arrests by Christmas. With FBI on the case, you betcha…

First come the whispers. Then the leaks. Next, the arduous task of proving they’re authentic. Only when the wheel has turned full circle does officialdom become involved. When that happens the law of Gradually…then Suddenly kicks in.

It has taken a decade for the Gupta Curse to get onto the radar of the world’s most potent anti-corruption investigators. During this “Gradually” phase, many South Africans became hugely frustrated, some even abandoning all hope. Inaction by SA’s captured crime-prevention units hasn’t helped.

But yesterday, “Suddenly” was triggered with the news that the fearsome FBI and its UK equivalents are on the case. Spurred on by iconic anti-apartheid activist Peter Hain, they’re also digging into Gupta money laundering through HSBC and Standard Chartered.

Only a few weeks back ace forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan tipped arrests by Christmas. With the world’s biggest guns now trained on Atul, Ajay, Tony and their accomplices, that’s looking like a pretty good bet. Hope springs.