Biznews Flash Briefing gets serious – your new wakeup call?

Those paying attention to such things will have noticed Biznews has upped its game in audio content. For the past year we’ve been improving the quality and quantity of our Podcasts and with more than 1,000 of them in the library, have taken our first step into Internet Radio as you’ll notice from the box at the top right of the home page (on desktops).

This morning, it goes up a couple notches with the early bird delivery of our daily Flash Briefing. I’ve been producing this global headlines service (from an SA perspective of course) for a couple months now. And am now happy we’re at a point where we can start telling you about it. There will be a link in your Daily Insider newsletter or you can access it directly by clicking here.

The Flash Briefing is restricted to less than five minutes and was originally designed for Amazon’s voice activated services. If you have an Echo device in SA, add Biznews Flash Briefing on the Alexa app and Alexa will be able to call it up (or even set it to wake you up in the morning….eek!).

In any business you never really know whether investing time and money into a new area like this will pay off. So given our focus, it was heartening to pick up last night’s news that Spotify, the world’s biggest music-streaming company, has just spent $500m to buy two podcasting startups, Gimlet Media and Anchor. It wants to grab more listening time from radio. Us too.

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