Found my local Gousto, but where to get Yorkshire Gold 

For a while now, SA’s outspoken finance minister Tito Mboweni has been encouraging his 416 000 Twitter followers to join the “cooking renaissance”. Especially the menfolk. After doing some dabbling in the kitchen, I’m with the former SARB Governor on this.

Like most South African males, my cooking was previously restricted to tending the braai (“los my tongs….” ). About a year ago, on a whim, I subscribed to Gousto, one of the UK’s leading meal kit companies. It literally changed my life. Dinner became my preserve three days a week (now it’s “los my kookpot …”)

The preparation and creation of delicious meals has turned out to be the perfect antidote to, and a complete switch off from the other side of my life. To the extent that when we came home to SA two months ago, the two things I was really worried about miss from our life in London were Gousto and Yorkshire Gold tea.

Good news is after a little googling I found UCook got easily the best recommendations of Gousto’s SA equivalents. And six weeks into my subscription, although there are fewer recipes the meals taste even better than its UK equivalent. So, I’m with you Gov. Cooking is awesome. Now all I need is to find someone local who sells Yorkshire Gold.

From Biznews community member Hercules Van Wyk

Good morning Alec,

So, what will it be tonight? Pea & Pesto soup as a starter (cold enough) and Beef Sirloin & roasties for main? Red wine will just be fine – I enjoy Nederburg Baronne.

Continued success to you.


From Biznews community member Gerhard Swart 

Hi Alec

It looks like one can order Yorkshire Gold on-line from the Tea Merchant – />

Or try Sceletia Honeybush Tea – /> Disclosure: I’m 50% shareholder in and driver of the (very small) Sceletia business.

Kind regards
Gerhard Swart