Exciting start to 2020 for Biznews Community – especially investors, bookworms

We’re kicking off a focus on books in today’s episode of the Rational Radio show (streamed live at noon Mondays on www.biznewsradio.com). Every week bookworms will share their current read and a recent favourite. GIBS founder and former dean Nick Binedell is today’s guest. Interview suggestions most welcome.

Davos starts tomorrow where this year’s meeting marks the Alpine gathering’s 50th anniversary. Our colleague Linda van Tilburg is there, with the rest of us plugged in via the WEF’s excellent online coverage. Biznews will be regularly updated this week so pop in for a peek into 2020’s economic agenda and how it will affect your wealth.

Make a note, too, of next Tuesday’s investment webinar. We’ll be discussing price-lifting news from the two SA stocks recently added to the Biznews Global Share portfolio. Leaving the JustEat battle lifted Naspers shares to an all-time high while Friday’s solid numbers from Richemont‘s gave us an 8% return in double quick time.

That monthly webinar is only for Biznews Premium subscribers, who can register by clicking here. If you haven’t yet become a member, hopefully the portfolio’s superb returns – over 30%pa since inception in 2014 – will encourage you to take advantage of our 30 day free trial and get into the webinar. For all the details, click here.