Public Protector backs O’Sullivan – six years on. Includes Tracker’s right of response.

History has repeatedly backed ace corruption-buster Paul O’Sullivan. Now the Public Protector has come out to directly contradict the decision by the National Prosecuting Authority not to prosecute an allegedly corrupt relationship between Tracker and the police. Once again O’Sullivan gets to say, ‘I told you so,’ and again he’s preparing a private prosecution in case the NPA and the flailing Hawks still say there’s no case in the face of the PP’s findings and the evidence he’s long-provided. Everybody who matters in the criminal justice system has been copied in. O’Sullivan also wants to know where the docket is. Let’s see where the chips fall. At the centre of the controversial tracker/police tender is one Lt General Moonoo, named among a Who’s Who of dodgy top police brass singled out by O’Sullivan six years ago and later published on Biznews. Moonoo has hounded O’Sullivan in what the forensic sleuth claims is a campaign to neutralise him and escape accountability for allegedly corrupt activities. This particular alleged malfeasance was part of our story entitled; ‘How SA was stolen: NPA, police in bed with Zupta crooks – O’Sullivan team’ – published on 11th August, 2017. If you want to be reminded of our ongoing clawback from anarchy, read on. – Chris Bateman

Paul O’Sullivan’s email to Dereck Du Plessis, Hawks

Please find a copy of the Public Protector report concerning the patently unlawful relationship between Tracker and the SAPS. Pages 5 & 6 will be of interest.

As can be seen, the Public Protector does not share the same view as the prosecutor who decided there was not enough evidence. I have never shared that view and believe that there has been a massive miscarriage of justice, as there was at all material times enough prima facie evidence, to warrant a prosecution in respect of the offences of fraud and corruption.

I believe the miscarriage of justice could stem from the fact that Lt General Moonoo had a role in the perpetration of the crimes and may have been able to improperly influence the outcome of the matter, which could have seen him facing serious criminal charges. You would be aware that after I opened the docket against Tracker, Moonoo and other senior cops, Moonoo commenced a criminally unlawful process to attack me, as part of his broader role in State Capture. I believe he was well motivated by the fact I had implicated hi in serious offences.

I am also aware that there was a concerted effort by certain parties to attempt to show that Mr Niemesh Singh had an axe to grind and that he was using this to settle scores. We looked at that possibility and satisfied ourselves that this was merely a red-herring by those that had engaged in the crimes.

I have taken a decision that it is not in the interests of justice that this matter should be left to go unchecked. More especially because the cost to the tax-payer runs into hundreds of millions of Rand. Money that could have been spent on crime prevention.

Forensics for Justice will consider a private prosecution in this matter, and request you to set up a meeting between yourself, or someone else from the DPCI with decision making abilities, and the relevant party at the NPA, so that we can commence the process of a private prosecution, or a review of the decision not to prosecute, or both.

Please also advise on the physical whereabouts of the docket, Linden CAS 107/2/2014.

I look forward to hearing from you soon, as I intend to pursue this to the natural conclusion.

As this matter is of national interest, I am copying Nascom, the Head of the DPCI and the PP’s offices.

Tracker right of response:

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