Uplifting interview with Nedbank boss’s son will make your day. Guaranteed. 

It’s three years since we launched the Good Hope Project section to support filmmaker Anthony Fabian’s movie showcasing South Africa’s positive side. Thanks to ongoing sponsorship from the FirstRand Group, we’ve been able to publish literally hundreds of uplifting stories which would otherwise never have seen the media light.

The cynics will be surprised to hear these good news stories have been very well received by the Biznews community. That’s partly due to the fascinating characters we’ve been able to feature, but doubtless also because of the virtual lock we enjoy on the genre – not by design, but rather through neglect of almost everyone else.

Even by our team’s high standards, yesterday’s Good Hope piece on John Dempster stands out. Linda van Tilburg’s excellent interview introduces us to an extraordinary South African who paddled solo across the Atlantic in 63 days, primarily to raise awareness about mental health.

The 26 year old son of former Nedbank COO Graham Dempster shares his very personal story with us – explaining how a couple of tragedies and his own challenges provided the inspiration for this incredible adventure. Access the audio and transcript by clicking here. It will make your day. Guaranteed.