A (serialised) audiobook for your pleasure – Butler’s CR biography

Over the past 10 weeks, thousands of BizNews community members have been entertained by the serialised audiobook of Julian Roup’s Life in a Time of Plague. Read by the author himself, the final chapter was published on July 6, sparking a flood of emails asking for more.

Clearly, the serialised audiobook experiment worked. So after receiving the green light yesterday from Jacana, we’re following up with the audiobook of Anthony Butler’s masterful biography on SA president Cyril Ramaphosa. The Preface was uploaded last night and is available for listening right now – Here’s the link to bookmark: https://iono.fm/c/5507

A fresh chapter will be added every Monday morning and with 27 of those to come, there will be a new episode to look forward to every week for the next seven months. Reading the audiobook swallowed a big slice of my time during the early part of last year. I’m pleased to be able to share it with you.

Given the quality of Butler’s research and writing, together with the elevated interest in CR right now, we expect this to be just as popular as Julian’s lovely book. Hopefully we’re right. Because with SA in turbulent waters right now, it would surely help if more of us better understood the man on the bridge.

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