Cape woodland’s unique post Covid-19 advantages

As any member of Robin Sharma’s 5 AM Club knows, there’s truth in the saying it’s always darkest before the dawn. Not just physically. And on a broader scale, most South Africans can attest to it being really dark here right now.

But take heart. The pandemic has exposed previously accepted status quo insanity which our new selves simply won’t accept. Such as appalling political governance justified on the altar of restitution. Or bullying corporates – and their overfed leaders – too long allowed to feed at the trough of embedded advantage.

I heard this week about a highly entrepreneurial European company which is relocating pretty much lock, stock and barrel to Cape Town. As this business serves online customers remotely, it has always been geographically agnostic. After Covid-19 forced a re-examination of the basics, the penny has dropped.

The Mother City’s first world infrastructure, superior lifestyle and skilled people combined with third world costs, create a potent cocktail for anyone serving online customers who pay with hard currency. Amazon has quietly bulked up in the Cape. Others are following the same rational path. What a pity we locals are a little too close to the trees to see this internationally attractive woodland.

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