Jobs gone forever, including for pilots

At least one in every five jobs that has disappeared this year will never come back, is the sobering forecast from number-cruncher Dwaine van Vuuren of Recession Alert in a recent piece of analysis published on BizNews. Brian Wartmuth, managing partner of The Human Capital Group, tells us in an interview for the Inside Covid-19 podcast this week, that pilots – traditionally high income earners, with seven digit annual salaries – are in that group.

This is not just a South African problem. Bloomberg economist Stephanie Flanders ponders out loud whether pilots in Europe will disappear like ship-builders as the pandemic drags on, keeping borders shut.

Meanwhile, pupils have missed valuable time in classrooms, putting them at a disadvantage when it comes to job-hunting or self-employment. President Cyril Ramaphosa aims to create 800,000 jobs in his New Deal through public service, but this is not enough to stop experts like Professor Michael le Cordeur from asking, in an interview for the Inside Covid-19 podcast, whether SA has ‘lost’ another generation through inadequate schooling.

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