Daily Insider: Buying into private investor favourites paying off for punters – for now

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Private investor favourites paying off for punters – for now 

In my monthly interview yesterday with Corion’s David Bacher (see below) he warned that compared with the professionals, private investors have a poor record in calling markets. When they buy big, it’s usually a signal for the pros to sell. 

That’s relevant commentary right now as everyone tries to make sense of July’s big rebound in share prices (Nasdaq +12.5%; S&P +9%) after the worst first half of the year since the 1930s (Nasdaq -30%; S&P – 20%). The surge was driven by individuals, not institutions. 

Last month, private investors in America – the stock market which drives all others – climbed into stocks more aggressively than at any other time since 2014. Their support continued into the first week of this month with three of their favourites – Tesla, Amazon and Uber – continuing to gain on positive news flow. 

Will it end in tears? Or will private investors buck their poor historic record and show they’re better informed than ever before? Time will tell. But for now, after a bumpy few months, those following the BizNews model portfolios are enjoying the ride. 

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