A classic case of economics: Drought, Banting and Butter

Frequenting the shops, the rising cost of butter has caught my eye. And my suspicions were confirmed after chatting to a baker friend who simply said it’s getting too expensive. But why?

Butter BantingAccording to the experts this is a classic case of economics – under supply and over demand. But don’t be misled, this is not only a local wallet punisher…

Diets are shifting to full cream and full fat off the back of things like the banting craze, key ingredients needed for butter production.

Couple this increased demand with expected shortages in Europe and a local drought, R100 for a block of butter may very soon be a reality.

The ripples from the thrown stone really do touch everywhere…

Biznews community member Bryne Steyn

The fact that import duties on Butter is set at a rated duty of  R5.00/ Kg with a maximum value duty of 79% does not help with one of life’s little luxuries. No matter what the price, I will still choose proper butter over these funny chemical induced substitute spreads.

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