From Dubai to Davos: SA-born LiquidChefs taking over the world.

DAVOS — My colleague Alec Hogg interviewed the guys from LiquidChefs at last year’s WEF Forum in Davos. This year, it’s been my turn, and I was left impressed with how the South African-born business is expanding rapidly across the globe. If you’ve ever been to a major corporate or media event in South Africa, you probably would have been served at some point by LiquidChefs. And clearly, the business has a model that translates well all over the world. I spoke to LiquidChefs Sales and Events Co-ordinator, Samantha Holman, about the company’s globalisation march. – Gareth van Zyl

This podcast was made possible by BrightRock, the company that introduced the first ever needs-matched life insurance.

Hi, I’m Samantha Holman. I am from a company called LiquidChefs UK. We are currently in Davos for the World Economic Forum and we are at the Zurich House.

Thanks Samantha. We are here and you’re serving delicious stew. Can you tell us what you guys are doing at WEF and what you’re hoping to get out of it?

So this week we are here serving some coffees, some teas, and some hot chocolate and during the afternoons, we give out some soup. We just bring people together – get everyone involved. We’re having some competitions too. Zurich Insurance, as you know, is quite a big insurance company throughout the world so we’re here representing them today.

Samantha Holman, LiquidChefs

I know LiquidChefs back in South Africa and have seen how you guys operate. Can you tell me the genesis of LiquidChefs – how it started and where it operates now?

LiquidChefs did start in South Africa quite a long time ago. I did work for them in 2009, in Cape Town. My boss (Adam Solomon) actually brought LiquidChefs over to the UK ten years ago, with two other people and from there, it’s grown amazingly. He started at WEF ten years ago and ever since then we’ve just grown and grown. It’s been an incredible journey so far and we can’t wait for more.

Where are you living now?

We are based in London.

What has the demand been like for LiquidChefs in Europe and London?

It’s been huge. Honestly we are so grateful. It’s been amazing. We just keep growing and it really helps that we have amazing clients and we just get on so well with them.

Coming to an event like WEF must be really great exposure for you guys.

Of course it’s huge. We started off with one project ten years ago and now we’re running 25 in one week with 43 staff. We’ve got staff from all over the world, from South Africa, Dubai, Italy, London, and the Netherlands so it’s pretty huge.

Just out of curiosity, how big is your global staff complement? How many people do you employ?

We’ve got quite a lot of freelancers so I can’t give you offhand numbers but we have quite a few on hand. We have 43 here in Davos.

What do you look to get out of WEF? You guys have been coming here for a while. Have you had any interesting encounters?

Of course we have. We’ve met a whole lot of people over the years, especially (obviously) with numerous clients and gigs. We see a lot of famous people walking around. Obviously you have to keep your cool. You can’t go ‘fangirling’ but we obviously hope to keep growing and to help as many companies out as possible. Bring together the LiquidChefs spirit, keep serving our cocktails, and keep the enthusiasm up.

Where do you see LiquidChefs in the next two to five years?

I think it’s going to keep getting bigger and bigger with the team spirit that we have at the moment. Life keeps throwing things at us but we keep taking it by the horns and we just keep growing.

What are the future plans?

Future plans: I can’t really say right now, but we are growing every day. Within the last year, we’ve hired a lot more people so our office is growing and growing.

Thanks Samantha, it’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you today.

Thank you so much.

This podcast was made possible by BrightRock, the company that introduced the first ever needs-matched life insurance.